Clean TeQ: Friedland’s Nickel-Cobalt-Scandium Gem has been published exclusively on Seeking Alpha on May. 10, 2017. 

Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (ASX:CLQ, CTEQF: OTCQX) is a very unusual company. It has several strings to its bow: nickel/cobalt, scandium & water treatment. It is also based on a proprietary ion-exchange process. The combination may seem very odd at the very least, but I believe it took a stroke of genius to see the promise of it.

Robert Friedland, the billionaire mining investor is a visionary. He bought into this Melbourne-based group in 2013, attracted by the ion-exchange technology and its ability to clean up waste water. In 2014, Clean TeQ acquired the world-class Syerston Nickel Cobalt Scandium Project in New South Wales from Friedland’s Ivanhoe Mines. In 2016 Friedland cemented his hold on 20% of the company.

Cobalt has grabbed most of the headlines recently and Clean TeQ’s share price has been increasing significantly on the back of it and on the anticipation of rapid growth in Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) sales. However, scandium presents a massive opportunity, on which we will to a large extent elaborate this time.

Scandium is little known but has already multiple uses. In particular, the alloy of scandium into aluminum metal products caught the eyes of the aerospace industry. The use of aluminum scandium alloys (“Al-Sc”) increases strength and perhaps most importantly enables stronger welding. Aircraft designers believe that it could reduce aircraft weights by 15%-20%. Simply put, lower weight means less fuel consumption. Hence the strong interest from the aviation industry in an environment of pressing CO2 reduction targets…

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