Clean TeQ Syerston

Clean TeQ: Friedland’s Nickel-Cobalt-Scandium Gem

Clean TeQ Holdings Limited is a very unusual company. It has several strings to...

Cobalt China Green EV

Cobalt: China’s Green Vehicle Revolution

Chinese battery makers shifting towards ternary NMC battery technology for green...

Cobalt: Glencore

Cobalt: Glencore strikes back

Cobalt is ‘enjoying its day in the sun,’ Glencore CFO says

tesla cobalt battery

No cobalt, No Tesla?

Tesla has stated that the cobalt it needs will be sourced exclusively in North...


Israel The Startup Nation

“Moses dragged us through the desert for 40 years to bring us to the one place...

Cobalt is keeping battery makers awake at night

A new era. The next decade is poised to see a major revolution in energy storage...